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Utas Campus Inveresk

In 2017, the Launceston City Deal initiated the relocation of the University of Tasmania from Newnham to Inveresk, a landmark transformation in Launceston’s urban landscape. The Inveresk precinct, situated 500 meters from the city’s CBD, exemplifies how universities can spearhead urban rejuvenation, embedding sustainability, truthtelling, design excellence, heritage, and innovation at its core.

The precinct interweaves cultural and recreational sites, blending historic structures like the Launceston Railways Workshops with modern educational facilities. Despite site constraints like land contamination, flood risks, and the precinct’s significant heritage value, the development managed to fuse Launceston’s rich history with sustainable design and functionality. The meticulously planned campus now caters to 10,000 students while embracing the precinct’s unique character.

The strategic approach to this development was underscored by the collaboration among various stakeholders, including the City of Launceston, university representatives, and the Tasmanian Heritage Council. Their collective efforts, spearheaded by Ireneinc Planning and Urban Design, led to the construction and renovation of several state-of-the-art educational buildings, all while maintaining sustainability and heritage preservation as primary goals.

The project not only showcases the exceptional outcome of strategic planning but also serves as a testament to the significance of meaningful collaboration, innovation, and the ability to navigate complex challenges. The Inveresk campus offers a compelling model for other urban renewal projects, blending education, sustainability, and heritage, and serves as a blueprint for cities and institutions worldwide looking to foster innovation while preserving historical essence.



  • Launceston, Tasmania

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