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The Hedberg

In April 2016, the Hobart City Council unanimously approved the Hedberg, a $90 million cultural and performing arts hub developed by the University of Tasmania (UTAS). The project was completed in two stages, with the first stage involving the partial demolition of a heritage-listed site and associated archaeological works, and the second stage being the construction of the new performing arts complex.

The design of the Hedberg reflects its intimate integration with the historical Theatre Royal and the former Hedberg Brothers garage, which forms the prominent Collins Street entrance to the site. The approval process for this project was particularly rigorous, involving extensive stakeholder consultation with the Hobart City Council, Tasmanian Heritage Council, and other relevant parties. The sequence of works and studies undertaken ensured that the iterative process could inform the best outcome, resulting in unanimous praise and support from the Hobart City Council’s City Planning Committee.

The project consultants, including Liminal Architecture, JMG Engineers and Planners, Austral Tasmania, Forward and Associates, and Leigh Woolley, were integral to the success of the application. The Hedberg represents a significant investment in Hobart’s cultural and performing arts landscape and is a testament to the city’s commitment to preserving its rich heritage while supporting innovation and growth.



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