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Tasman Private Hospital

The Tasman Private Hospital forms part of the Nexus Hospitals network and builds on the success of the existing Hobart Day Surgery, which has served the Tasmanian community for over 25 years.

The hospital is situated in New Town will comprise of an integrated medical centre and hospital, offering a range of medical and surgical services to patients in the local area and beyond. The hospital component will be a modern and well-equipped facility, including seven operating theatres and a 26 bed overnight ward for in-patient care.

It also offers a range of allied health services within the medical center, provided through commercial tenancies which form part of the development – including, general practice, radiology and pathology services.

The primary challenges for this project were the nature of surrounding land uses – which included a substantial residential area immediately adjoining the site and the need for substantial infrastructure works on adjoining properties.

This require a number of community consultation meetings, where design changes were adopted to mitigate impacts on adjoining residences. As a result of these changes, the development application was substantially modified on a number of occasions, which culminated in planning approval in 2021.
Ireneinc was involved in every stage of the application and continues to provide ongoing assistance with building permit applications and condition endorsement submissions.



  • New Town, Hobart

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