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Irene Duckett

RACT Freycinet Lodge

The Freycinet Lodge development is an extensive upgrade of the existing facilities with an estimated value of $7 million. Situated within the breathtaking Freycinet National Park on Tasmania’s east coast, the project required a meticulous assessment of the natural and cultural values associated with the area.

The development necessitated a diverse range of approvals from various agencies as part of the Reserve Activity Assessment for the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service. Ireneinc played a key role in managing the numerous approvals and securing planning permission from the Glamorgan Spring Bay Council within a tight two-month timeframe.

Ireneinc worked collaboratively with the consultant team to obtain approvals and deliver a project that addressed sensitive issues, such as Aboriginal heritage and native flora and fauna. The resulting design offers a unique experience and a diverse range of accommodation options in the area.

The consultant team included an impressive group of experts, such as Liminal Architecture, RushWright Landscape Architects, EcoTas Ecology, CHMA Archaeology, Brett Woolcott Surveyors, JMG, Gandy and Roberts, Pitt and Sherry, Stehel Consulting, Howarth Fisher, Floodslicer, Arup ESD, artist Brigitte de Villiers, and geologist Bill Cromer.



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