Our People

Irene Duckett

Principal + Director

Jacqui Blowfield

Senior Planner

Phil Gartell

Senior Planner

Kate Heckelmann

Senior Planner

Poppy Scharkie


Michela Fortini

Graduate Planner

Ireneinc Planning and Urban Design Tasmania are a highly skilled and diverse group of professionals who are dedicated to creating sustainable, livable communities through innovative urban planning and design.

The team at Ireneinc is passionate about their work and committed to excellence, with a strong focus on creativity, collaboration, and community engagement. They bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to each project, working closely with clients and stakeholders to develop solutions that meet their unique needs and priorities.

In addition to their technical expertise, the employees of Ireneinc are known for their strong communication and interpersonal skills, which enable them to build strong relationships with clients and stakeholders and effectively communicate complex ideas and concepts. They are also highly adaptable and able to work on projects of varying scale and complexity, from small-scale urban interventions to large-scale master
planning projects.

Ireneinc are skilled in:

Conducting research and analysis: Ireneinc can conduct research and analysis on a variety of topics relevant to the strategic planning project, such as demographic trends, economic data, or land use patterns.

Facilitating stakeholder engagement: Ireneinc can help to facilitate stakeholder engagement and community consultation processes, including the organisation of public meetings and workshops, and the development of engagement strategies.

Developing planning strategies and policies: Ireneinc can help to develop planning strategies and policies that align with the goals of the strategic planning project, and that are based on the research and analysis conducted.

Providing technical expertise: Ireneinc can provide technical expertise on a variety of planning-related topics, such as statutory planning, urban design, land use planning, or transportation planning.

Managing the planning process: Ireneinc provides stability and professional guidance throughout the planning process. We ensure that statutory processes are understood and complied with, deadlines are met, project milestones are achieved, best project outcomes are achieved.

The team’s expertise and commitment to excellence make them a valuable partner for any project seeking to prioritise design excellence, collaboration, and creative solutions.