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Adam Gibson & MONA


Ireneinc has played a pivotal role in the development of the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), which has emerged as one of Tasmania’s most significant cultural attractions. Our involvement spans several years, during which we secured 20 planning applications for buildings, events, infrastructure, and artworks, including the Museum, Pharos Pavilion, and the new Kiefer building.

We have been at the forefront of planning for the MONA site, with a unique understanding of the museum, the site, and the planning required to support its growth. Our expertise has enabled us to tailor the planning scheme by creating a specific area plan that encourages use and development, facilitating the creative, economic, cultural, community, and social activities of MONA, and providing for future hotel development.

The amendment we have drafted is unique in its provision for design outcomes that recognise the plan area as a stimulatory and innovative environment expressed through architecture, activity, and art. We encourage the use and development of bold designs that align with MONA’s vision for a vibrant and creative hub. Working with MONA has challenged the way we think about planning and has sharpened our skills in great place making.

Our most recent work involves developing a strategic transport plan for the site, promoting alternative transport methods and reducing private car usage. To deliver this project, we collaborated closely with key consultants and provided valuable work experience for students of urban planning at the University of Tasmania.



  • Claremont, Berriedale Peninsula

Services by Ireneinc

  • Strategic Planning (Planning Scheme Amendment)
  • Development Application