Maydena Bike Park

The Maydena Bike Park is a successful adaptive re-use project that has transformed the former Maydena Primary School site into a hub for mountain bikers. The proposal includes the repurposing of the school buildings as a bike hub, along with satellite buildings to support visitors’ use of the extensive mountain bike trails.

One of the major challenges presented by this project was its location, with 120km of trails proposed across six different land titles that included public land and private forest. Moreover, the land fell within four zones of the Scheme, each with their own development standards and use classes, making it a complex and multifaceted undertaking.

Ireneinc successfully navigated the planning and zoning requirements to secure the necessary approvals for this project. The consultant team, which included Milan Prodanovic Traffic Engineers and Road Safety, worked closely with the landowners to coordinate their consent and ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.

The Maydena Bike Park is a testament to the successful collaboration of a range of stakeholders, resulting in a unique recreational facility that has brought new life to a disused site.



  • Maydena, Tasmania

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