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Clarence City Heart

Ireneinc Planning and Urban Design was part of a multi-disciplinary team of nine consultants responsible for preparing a strategic plan to guide and coordinate future growth in the central areas of Clarence, a significant urban centre located on the Eastern shores of Greater Hobart. The study area, which covered over 120 hectares, comprised more than ten zones, two specific area plans, and eight different overlays.

As part of this ongoing work, Ireneinc prepared a comprehensive planning overview report that evaluated the use and development potential of the study area within the context of the planning scheme, identified opportunities and constraints, and provided targeted recommendations. The report was meticulously prepared, taking into account relevant factors such as physical, social, economic, and environmental considerations.

Ireneinc conducted a thorough review of pertinent acts and strategic documents that impacted the site, expertly summarising this information to provide comprehensive and targeted recommendations. The result was a succinct and insightful report that provides an essential foundation for the strategic planning process, enabling stakeholders to make informed decisions about the future growth and development of Clarence’s central areas.



  • Clarence / Rosny Park

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