The Brooke Street Pier

The Brooke Street Pier is an essential piece of infrastructure in Hobart that provides vital connectivity with MONA, a picturesque social space to enjoy Hobart’s waterfront, a thriving marketplace to showcase Tasmanian products, and a contemporary revitalisation of the traditional wharf shed vernacular. Ireneinc played a crucial role in gaining planning approval for this project, which has since become a prominent building in the Hobart landscape.

One of the most noteworthy features of this development is its respectful integration of transportation infrastructure within a heritage-rich urban environment. The building’s contemporary interpretation of the traditional warehouse form appears to float off Franklin Wharf, creating a clear landmark that adds visual interest to Sullivans Cove. The Pier’s integration with various transportation modes has also improved accessibility and pedestrianisation, enhancing the area’s diversity and operation of activities. Consequently, the waterfront has experienced a surge in activity.

The success of this project was acknowledged when it was shortlisted for the 2017 Australian Urban Design Awards in the Delivered Outcome – Small Scale category.



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