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Berriedale Reserve Mona Masterplan

The overall vision for the future of Berriedale Peninsula is to provide and manage an inspiring and dynamic place that will deliver environmental, economic and social outcomes for the Tasmanian and local community.
Inspiring Place and Ireneinc were engaged by Council and MONA to facilitate the master planning process and to propose a long-term integrated land use vision for the area.

As a visionary document, the master plan examines scenarios 20-30 years into the future to find the best and highest use of the land to benefit of all parties.

Ireneinc worked closely with the consultant team, stakeholders and community to create this strategic document. The process addressed issues such as land tenure, and cultural and natural values of the site. The result is a comprehensive masterplan which will guide future land use of the Berriedale Peninsula create a dynamic future for residents and visitors alike.
In preparing the masterplan a consultation process was undertaken which engaged key stakeholders and the local community. The consultants also worked closely with Council and MONA to facilitate agreed outcomes.



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