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9 Sandy Bay Road

Ireneinc assisted with a proposal for a six-story residential apartment building on the land at 9 Sandy Bay Road after a previous development application for the property was refused by the council and the Resource Management and Planning Appeal Tribunal due to height and bulk concerns. The new proposal incorporated key changes that addressed these issues.

As part of the planning submission, Ireneinc prepared an extensive streetscape analysis that included a detailed analysis of height, massing, setback, streetscape character, surrounding area, and nearby buildings for both Sandy Bay Road and Wilmot Street. The analysis demonstrated that the building’s stepping down responded to the topography and allowed for a compatible transition to the smaller scale residential buildings to the south.
Ireneinc’s legal literacy and knowledge of the planning appeal process enabled us to prepare an analysis that addressed the grounds of the previous refusal and successfully formed a submission that addressed the height and mass of the development in relation to the decision.

The comprehensive urban analysis carried out by Ireneinc was crucial to securing the council’s approval of the development. Thanks to our expertise, the project was able to address critical concerns and satisfy the planning scheme.



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