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5-7 Sandy Bay Rd

Located on the former University of Tasmania Conservatorium of Music site, the proposal for a seven storey residential apartment development at 5-7 Sandy Bay Rd was required to respond to several development standards and Code discretions.

In addition to the planning report for the development Ireneinc also prepared an urban form statement which considered: the proposed building scale and massing relative to local urban context; proposed building scale massing relative to adjacent public realm and the proposal with Sandy Bay Road and Wilmot street frontages.

The in depth analysis provided by Ireneinc was able to demonstrate that the proposed building heights are compatible with the existing pattern of urban form presented by existing buildings to streets and urban blocks in the local urban context of the site.

In addition to the urban form analysis the planning submission also addressed a number of other discretions relating to vehicle parking and heritage. The report also considered the impact of retaining the existing heritage listed ABC mural fronting Sandy Bay Road. The documentation provided by Ireneinc and ongoing liaison with Council resulted in successfully securing a permit approval.



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