Project Summary

At Ireneinc, we were brought on board to assist with gaining approval for a mixed-use residential and hotel development project. However, the initial proposal was met with obstacles, as Hobart City Council rejected it on the grounds of height restrictions, heritage concerns, and archaeology considerations in 2018.

Undeterred, our expert team at Ireneinc, together with Praxis Environment and Simmons Wolfhagen Lawyers, worked tirelessly to represent the applicant throughout the appeals process. With our guidance and expertise, we successfully mediated with the Hobart City Council and TASCAT to amend the proposal in a way that satisfied all parties involved.

One of the most significant challenges of this project was that the site had extensive European heritage and archaeological value that needed to be preserved. With this in mind, our team worked diligently to incorporate these essential considerations into the final proposal, ensuring that the site’s unique character was protected.

We are proud to announce that all of our efforts have culminated in the successful approval of the proposal by TASCAT in March 2023. Our collaborative approach, combined with our expertise in navigating complex challenges, has resulted in a unique and exceptional project that balances preservation and progress in a way that benefits all stakeholders involved.



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