droughty point

Droughty Point Road Rezoning

The proposed Section 43A subdivision application and scheme amendment formed part of an extensive and ongoing development of the land also known as North Arm on the Droughty Point Peninsula in Clarence. The application that Ireneinc has been responsible for developing was for an additional 96 lots to the already approved 251 lots located on either side of the Rokeby Hills.

Strategic planning for the development required consideration and co-ordination of issues related to market analysis, aboriginal heritage, geotechnical, flora and fauna, fire management, site rehabilitation, and traffic management. Further to these issues, the site was already subject to an existing development plan, requiring complex planning resolutions to proceed with the amendment.

The proposed amendment seeks to simplify existing planning constraints on the land and to allow for further residential development that was considerate of the particular site conditions, while embedding greater protection of the environmental values and geological features of the site.
The resulting subdivision has been designed to integrate, consolidate and extend the high standard of development that has been undertaken as part of the approved subdivision for the site, and to accommodate a diversity of lot types. Features of the future subdivision include water sensitive urban design, native landscaping, and bike lanes.



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