Clarendonvale Sec 43A Application

Clarendon Vale is a public housing community, established on the outskirts of Hobart. Along with the constraints of socio economic standards of the population, the community is faced with declining level of services and access to public transport. Population growth and dynamics, were stifled by the suburb being constrained by a ring of rural land surrounding the suburb preventing growth. New development in the area avoided Clarendonvale, heightening the social stigma of that community.

The aim of this project was to pursue a rezoning and masterplan for a 400 lot subdivision, which would facilitate private residential development which was integral and integrated with the existing community, stimulating greater mix in tenure and demographic profile. Consultation with the community was critical, to ensure that a sense of ownership and involvement was engendered. The consultation program identified the social, economic and recreational needs of the community, and opportunities for this proposal to address those needs. As a result, the masterplan was able to accommodate the nature and location of open space and public facilities, the location of higher density housing precincts, and the design and location of connecting roads with the full support of the community.

In addition to this, the site posed a number of environmental constraints and opportunities. Early site analysis identified a sea eagles nest, threatened species, visual landscape values, bushfire management and water catchment issues. The masterplan was carefully designed in response to these matters, integrating design criteria and subdivision layout which utilized the potential of the site. The features of the masterplan included WSUD principles, protection of the balance bushland with careful edge design, and quarantining the bushland containing environmental values. A network of open space was created throughout the subdivision, using waterways, a carefully designed road hierarchy, and formal and informal parks and reserves. Provision was also made for centralized community centre and a local commercial node, which would benefit the established community as well as the new subdivision.


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