wellspring church

Wellspring Anglican Church

Located in the affluent residential suburb of Sandy Bay the historical St Peters Church site is a collection of three heritage buildings which have been outgrown by the Wellspring Church congregation. To meet the growing needs of the church and to remain in its location proximate to the university a proposal was developed to accommodate a 300 seat auditorium within the confines of the site. Ireneinc were involved in the initial stages of the design development as it was recognised that there was considerable chance that any expansion of the church facilities could be controversial.

The initial proposal was refused by Hobart Council and the Heritage Council, this was in part due to the complete demolition of a residential dwelling on the site. An alternative proposal was worked through with the two Councils that retained the street front of the dwelling, effectively hiding the new development from the street. Although accepted by the Heritage Council; the Council voted against their officer’s recommendations to approve the revised design, resulting in a complex appeal case that reviewed the merit of both designs and the three different decisions.



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