st michael's collegiate


Located on the fringe of the CBD, St. Michael’s Collegiate School faced ongoing challenges balancing the growing demands of school requirements with the constraints of its location and the existing heritage values of the site and its surroundings. The demolition of an old cottage on the Macquarie Street site, adjacent to the school was required to provide for a much needed extension to the playground.

The cottage was located within a heritage zone, and on closer examination was found to include some significant fabric which had been compromised over time. A decision to retain the footprint of the building as a representation of the past allowed the needs of the school to be facilitated on the site. The matter was determined at RMPAT, and central to the Tribunal’s decision was the evidence put before it of the relative values of the school itself, and the necessity for it to continue to operate and function from this significant inner city site.  The value of continued use as a school contributed to the character of the heritage area and values of the heritage places to a greater extent than the heritage values that were remnant within the existing dwelling, justifying its demolition.

Ireneinc was involved in the preparation of the planning application, together with supporting experts reports, and presentation of expert evidence at RMPAT. The development has now been completed and forms an integral part of the continued use of the school, as well as including interpretation that contributes to the continued broader understanding of heritage within our urban environment.