Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), Moorilla, Berriedale

The proposal for a world class museum facility in Berriedale is of a significant scale. The approval process has been carried out over a number of stages to run with the construction of the $55 million facility.

The opportunities and constraints that have had to be addressed by the proposal include consideration of architectural design, landscape values, traffic, aboriginal heritage, vulnerability to costal flooding and erosion, geotechnical and heritage values. The planning proposal has had to reconcile these issues in regard to the State Costal Policy, the Glenorchy Planning Scheme and to gain approval for development on Crown Land. The services provided by Ireneinc ensured a smooth transition between the flexibility required for artistic installations and short lead times, with the formal planning requirements of the Glenorchy City Council and the Tasmanian Heritage Council. 

Ireneinc has also facilitated approvals necessary for a range of other activities on the site, including environmental management and regulation of noise control for the outdoor concert venue.



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