ch smith

Ch smith, Launceston

his proposal for a complex in Launceston, included 149 residential apartments, an 87 room boutique hotel, Tasmanian Centre for Excellence showroom, Art of the Island gallery, administration and exhibition space, 50 seat restaurant, Public Plaza, function centre, specialty retail, parking and a skybridge linking the plaza with the Queen Victoria Museum and Royal Park. Several heritage buildings and a remnant wall were retained and adaptively reused as part of the proposal.

The extent of the CH Smith proposal demonstrated a significant opportunity for Launceston to connect the city back to the river frontage. The complex embraced a high level of permeability to create special urban spaces that are accessible to all, while engaging principles of Crime Prevention through Urban Design. Ireneinc was involved providing expert evidence at the RMPAT to demonstrate urban design and planning evidence that the redevelopment of the site represented an appropriate scale and form, whilst providing for a new focus for Launceston. The scale of the proposal involved a variety of challenging planning issues including that the skybridge traversed 4 zones.

Despite all necessary permits successfully attained in 2007, the redevelopment did not proceed.  A number of buildings on the CH Smith site were heritage listed and a new client decided to explore different options for the site. Ireneinc was responsible for the management of consultants and preparation of a development application for the revised proposal of a bulky goods outlet for the site in 2011.

The revised proposal involved co-ordination between the Launceston City Council, Tasmanian Heritage Council, Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources, The Crown and the consultants engaged to assess heritage, archaeology, traffic. The resulting proposal responds to the challenges of the site in a respectful and constructive manner.



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